Pastor Kent Winkler

Greetings Woodville United Methodist Church, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. My name is Rev. Kent Winkler and my family, and I will be coming to your church for our first Sunday, August 13th. My wife of what will be ten years in November is Mal (short for Malorie), we meet doing Jr. High outreach ministry at Perrysburg Jr High. I am a graduate from Perrysburg, and she graduated from Anthony Wayne. I am familiar with Woodville as I have umpired baseball games and soccer games at Woodmore, and we are eagerly awaiting the new adventure God has for us. We have two energetic boys Camden (turns 9 in September) and Payton (turns 7 the end of July), and they look forward to participating in the children's ministry at WUMC. We have been serving RiverPoint UMC in Point Place, Toledo since July of 2015, and have had an amazing time growing the church and learning from their love, and grace. I was previously a Chaplain Assistant in the US Army from 2010-2015, being stationed in Ansbach Germany (40 minutes outside of Nuremberg), deployed to Afghanistan, and also stationed in Fort Lee VA (40 minutes outside of Richmond). I left the Active Duty to pursue being a Chaplain in the US Army and serving in the Reserves while in Seminary. Through a hefty and lengthy discernment process, God has called me to be a Pastor and I am no longer in the military. I will be graduating from Methodist Theological Seminary in May of 2018. I am a big competitor and love all sorts of sports; we are all big Browns, Ohio State, and Indians fans. I enjoy playing any sport from basketball, baseball/softball, golf, and football; it really doesn’t matter as long as we are having fun. My family and I enjoy dinner and movie nights at the house, playing video games together, playing cards and board games, and being a little crazy and silly sometimes… well, most times.

I met Christ on a mission trip to Kentucky as a youth group kid at age 16. I was raised by both my parents that allowed me to find my faith. My dad was raised Jewish but is an atheist, and my mom is agnostic, and my two brothers are atheists as well. From my faith upbringing, I have a strong connection to the need to serve the youth and children of the church to ensure we have a future church. I am also a believer in the way the John Wesley preached to the people and for the people. My preaching style is a little charismatic, spirit-filled, and my intent from the pulpit is to leave you to motivated and educated to face the darkness in our world, living to bring light into the darkness. My family and I take God seriously, but we do not take life seriously, we ask that you act around us like you would a friend, we are approachable, loving, grace giving, and faithful people and we are excited to share our journey with your journey in Christ.

Our Spirit-filled worship services include Scripture readings, singing in a blend of musical styles, Communion (always open to all), and prayer. Our Kids' Connection offers a special time just for the children during the worship celebration. The Chancel and Children's Choirs  enhance your family's experience with uplifting and moving music. Most importantly, God’s Word is spoken in truth and love through Bible-based preaching. You and your family are welcome to begin, renew, or strength your walk with Jesus Christ along with us at Woodville United Methodist Church.

The staff at Woodville United Methodist church is always ready to serve. They work together to fulfill the mission of the Church: “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world," and the vision of the Church: “To create ministries that effectively reach people for Christ by connecting the people of God, caring for the people, nurturing the faith of the people, then equipping and sending out the people to reach others for Christ.” Please feel free to contact our staff with your questions, ideas, suggestions and needs.

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