The Seven Days of Creation Fun Day

Rally Day was a huge suceess  that was enjoyed by the children of the church.  The Sunday school classes enjoyed events such as face painting, arts and crafts; which included painting  pictures of the sky and water a
nd plants made from tissue paper, fishing, games, and of course a snack. Before each activity the kids heard the bible versus from Geniuses of the creation of the earth. Each activity was directly related to one of the seven creation  days.  Congratulations to Laura and Krista on a very successful Sunday School event. Thank you to all the many volunteers that helped set up on Saturday and those who helped on Sunday.

There is a Sunday School Class for all Ages

Woodville United Methodist Church has many different Sunday School classes for all age groups. There are several adult classes and classes for the youth and children of the church and community to participate in. We encourage you to bring your children to sunday school and stay to participate in one of the many adult classes.