In the United Methodist Church, youth who have already been baptized (often as infants) are confirmed as they reach young adulthood. This means that they take for themselves the vows of faithfulness that were made on their behalf by their parents or other adults at their baptism. Young people who have not been baptized and wish to become members of the church are also included in the class. They are taken onto membership through baptism at the same time as their classmates are taken in through confirmation.

Confirmation Classes are taught every other year by our pastor for junior high students. In the classes, we explore our Christian story and beliefs through studying Scripture, and what it means to live out our faith as United Methodists. We learn about how to grow in our faith throughout our lives through prayer, worship, service, giving, and witness, both in the world and in our church. We also learn about what people of other faiths believe.

Once a young adult is confirmed or baptized, they become full members of the church and are both eligible and encouraged to serve on the committees that structure the life of the church.